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The first event in the history of the Lisbon Boardgamers Group took place on September 1, 2006 in the game shop Runadrake. The story goes that the participants were not many, but so great was their enthusiasm for board games and the fun they had in those first events, that they kept meeting regularly, both weekly on Wednesdays and once a month on a Friday.

Those first meetings were organized through Abre o Jogo, a website with the purpose of gathering the Portuguese community of board game and RPG players. Since then and to the present day, Abre O Jogo has served a very important role in the organization and announcement of all of Group events, allowing for the gradual growth of the number of players attending.

With that growth came the need to organize the events in places with more space, and for that reason the Group events have changed location for several times, as it can be seen by the timeline presented below.

Another milestone of the Group's history was the organization of the LisboaCon event in 2009, the first of several annual board game conventions organized by the Group. These events stand out from the rest, not only because they extend over a weekend, but also because of the higher number of participants, games and activities involved.


Timeline of the Group's history